The Little Rainbow Daycare focuses on the development of the whole child--physical, emotional, social, intellectual and cultural--in an informal home setting that is loving and nurturing.  Young children learn through play and a variety of self-chosen activities that build knowledge, skills, interests, self-awareness as well as an understanding of others. 

The Little Rainbow Daycare offers an anti-bias, child-centered environment in which to explore and celebrate diversity. We are conscious in our choice of books, materials, songs, activities that help children feel good about themselves, and others.  This empowers them to live in our diverse world. We celebrate the wide range of humanity, embracing all kinds of families. 

We consciously promote values of peace, justice, equality and understanding among people, counteracting all forms of prejudice so pervasive in our society.  We promote critical thinking and open discussions of children’s questions and observations.

We encourage awareness of sociological responsibility and caring for our earth.  We gently suggest through story and song that human beings can be proactive to make the world a better place.

        We do our best to encourage and stimulate each child’s inner desire to learn and grow based on his or her unique timetable and predisposition's, building confidence and competence.  We believe learning is a lifelong, joyous process of striving and sharing.

Each child’s best interests are served by a partnership approach between parents and provider.  We are committed to open, honest and regular communication about the individual child’s daily experiences and developmental milestones.